28 Mar, 2019

3 Ways To Avoid Moving Day Theft

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3 Ways To Avoid Moving Day Theft

Moving days are usually filled with excitement, stress and a whole lot of activities going on at the same time both within and outside your home. You have so many people entering your house either to wish you well or to help out in the moving task, you have the movers coming in and out, you have your kid’s friends hanging out for the last time and then you have the neighbors and sometimes even people you don’t know taking up your time and attention. It gets to a point where you just can’t keep track of all the activities going on, and it could be much worse if you hire the wrong moving company with unprofessional movers.

These lapses in security and you being so preoccupied creates an opportunity for moving day theft. These thieves will go for anything of value they can get their hands on. Things like your jewelry, phones, antiques, money, credit cards or wallet, drugs and prescriptions, clothes, shoes or even important documents or identifications, making it important for you to learn the 3 major ways to avoid this moving day theft in order to make your relocation a total success.

1. Place personal stuffs in a secured room

With all the stress and scurrying of activities involved in moving, we often make the wrong security judgment and neglect certain things in order to keep up with all the events happening all at once. One of them is living our stuff unattended.

The first way to prevent moving day theft is to ensure you place any personal, sensitive or financial material you don’t want your movers packing in a secured room under lock and key. This key should be with you always and the room should not be in a secluded part of the house, instead, it should be located around where you can easily keep an eye on it to ensure no one is trying to pick the locks or break the door down. This way even if anything gets stolen from you it would likely be nothing of high significance or importance.

2. Hire the right moving company

You can save yourself a lot of headaches and the risk of losing your valuable items or having valuable properties destroyed during a move by simply hiring a legitimate moving company. In choosing the right moving company, you would have to:

  • Read online reviews to see what other homeowners who made use of the moving company in the past are saying about their experience with the moving company.

  • Speak to them personally and ask for paper works to ensure they are properly licensed and insured in case of any loss.

  • Request for a list of all items that are being moved. This way you can protect yourself against theft on the route and take legal actions if you find some of your items missing.

3. Protect yourself against identity theft

It is important you take your time to go through every part of your house in order to gather any personal information papers, identification and financial information papers together and kept in a special folder. This folder should be placed in your secured room and not be on you during the move. This way you can avoid the risk of it getting stolen from you or you leaving them unattended to at any time in order to handle another situation. Ensuring you protect your personal documents can help you prevent any form of identity theft that usually goes during moving days.