27 Mar, 2019

5 Ways We Protect Your Piano During Your Move

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5 Ways We Protect Your Piano During Your Move

Pianos are delicate, fragile objects that are very expensive to own and needs to be handled with care. Their heavy weight makes moving them quite complicated and reserved for professionals in order to avoid damages to the piano or injuries to yourself. It requires having a lot of patience, expertise, professional manpower and a proper plan to carry out a successful move, especially if you are faced with the challenge of negotiating your way around stairs or elevators.

Here are the top 5 ways we ensure the protection of your piano during a move.

1. Use the right moving materials

In order to ensure no harm befalls your piano and it stays safely secured all through the move, we make use of the appropriate moving gears which includes heavy duty furniture straps to hold your piano in place, protection blankets to prevent scratches and the right team to handle the situation and bring it all together. We also use industry-standard tapes for securing the blankets in place and preventing it from slipping off. The larger the size, the more complicated moving it will get and the more planning that would be needed to be put in place.

2. Creating a perfect plan

Creating the perfect plan prior to moving a piano is very important if the move is to be successful. Adequate measurement of all doorways, hallways, and path through which the piano would be carried through as to be done. This way all forms of damages to the piano that might have been caused by it hitting a corner or getting stuck in a doorway can be avoided and totally eliminated. This measurement should be done for both the old house and the new house.

3. Get professional help

Once the supplies and the moving plans are put in place, the next step is getting the proper team to handle the move. Moving companies usually have well-trained professionals equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate through the numerous complexity that comes with moving a piano. The larger the size of the piano, the more hands would be needed and the more complex the task might get. Not only that, mistakes might lead to serious injuries due to the size and weight of the instrument so it is very important you hire only experienced movers.

4. Load the piano first into the moving truck

The piano should be the first thing to be placed in a moving truck. This ensures they are placed as far back as possible with many other boxes of items surrounding it. These boxes will work for hand in hand with the moving straps to hold the piano in place and prevent it from sliding around and scratching hard surfaces when in route. It is also important you rap the piano with several rolls of soft blankets in order to prevent it from getting scratched by the boxes.

5. Get the team ready to place it in your new home

Working very hard at one end is important, but you need to repeat the process at the other end because going through so much hard work and planning everything through just to get it all destroyed for not taking your time to decide where you would like to place the piano within your new home and measuring every doorway, halls, and stairs leading to that location can be frustrating and heartbreaking. So in order to prevent this, we take the time to plan how the piano will be placed in your new home and ensure the right amount of helping hands are available to handle the move.