22 Apr, 2019

8 Items To Throw Away Before Moving

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8 Items To Throw Away Before Moving

One of the factors that define the cost of your move is the weight of your belongings. Also, it is a factor that plays a big role in determining how stressful your move will be. That means if you do not want to spend a lot of money, time and energy on moving your belongings, you should be ready to get rid of some items.

It is advisable to set aside the items you will not be moving to your new house before you start packing your belongings. This will make packing the items you intend to move a tad easy.

Here are eight items to throw away before moving:

1. Books You Will Never Read

Books are very heavy, which means moving them will increase the cost of your move. Also, packing all the books you have can be very stressful and it can take a lot of time. The wise thing to do is to get rid of old books that you have read and the books that you know you are not going to read or reread. Go through all your books and select the ones you will like to read; the other ones should be donated, sold, or thrown away.

2. Dishes, Cups and Mugs

Dishes, cups and mugs are household items that can be very heavy when they are packed. If you have a lot of dishes, cups and mugs that are no longer looking the way they should look, get rid of them. Faded, mismatched, chipped, or broken dishes and mugs that you have collected over the years should be not be moved to your new house. Getting rid of them means less boxes, less packing materials, less things to move, less moving cost, and an easier move.

3. Unused Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets can be very heavy and they take a lot of space in your moving truck, so why not get rid of some of them. Go through your kitchen gadgets, any gadget that you don’t use or the ones that you use once in a blue moon should not be moved into your new home. Also, if use a kitchen gadget a lot, but you feel you need an upgrade, ditch it and get a new one when you move into your new home.

4. Food Items

Rather than move all your food items, why not give them to someone you love. You will get fresh food items when you start living in your new home.

5. Old Forms of Media

VHS tapes, Cassette tapes, old CDs, old video games, and Old DVDs are items that can be sold or given away to someone.

6. Electronics

Electronics are bulky and heavy; therefore, one must only move the ones that are still useful. Any electronics that is faulty or damaged should be trashed or given away to someone.

7. Shoes and Clothes You Don’t Wear

Clothes that do not fit and shoes that you have not worn in a few months (or ever) should be trashed or donated.

8. Cheap Furniture

Ditch any furniture that you can buy for the same price as it takes to move it.