28 Mar, 2019

Four Easy Tips For Packing Fragile Items

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Four Easy Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Preparing to relocate can be very stressful especial with the scurry of never-ending events and challenges you just always seem to be faced with. But when it comes to the packing of antiques, glassware or other fragile items in preparation for your move, it is important you take your time to carry out the adequate preparations and storing procedures while using the right set of tools in order to ensure all your fragile items get to your new house in one piece.

Here is our easy step by step guide on packing fragile items and keeping them safe:

1. Adequate preparation is key

The fact is, it will take some time for you to properly pack up your fragile items in a safe and secure way, so instead of rushing the process, it is important you start earlier before the moving day in order to have the adequate time and focus to properly pack these items.

Being adequately prepared to handle the packing also includes having and using the right set of tools for your packing. Tools like:

  • Boxes of different sizes

  • Standard or reinforced packing tapes (depending on the weight of the object)

  • Wrapping paper

  • Bubble wrap

  • Soft materials for packaging like foam

2. Arranging the right way

Although some items may require some slight modifications or personalizing to ensure they are properly secured, this approach works for packing fragile items of different kinds in almost all situations.

  • The shape and size: the first thing you would want to consider before commencing your packing is the shape and size of the piece you intend storing away. It is important you check for any protruding parts or handles along the sides because this will affect the way you pack the item in order to prevent the protruding part from breaking away.

  • Wrapping the items: start by wrapping the item with a few layers of paper and a few layers of bubble wrap. Once satisfied, you can secure the whole wrapping with tape.

  • Getting the box ready: first, you want to place your soft packaging material on the bottom of your box, then place the wrapped item in it and fill any space left with more packaging material in order to ensure the item is held tight with no space for movement.

  • Seal the box: depending on the weight, you can either decide to use the standard or reinforced packaging tape to seal your box. Ensure it is properly sealed and when given a shake there is no movement within.

3. Packing multiple fragile items

It is advisable to use different boxes for each fragile item you want to pack but sometimes and in some cases, this advice may not be feasible. So instead, ensure each item is individually wrapped and taped and also ensure the heaviest items are placed at the bottom.

4. Let your movers know

It is important you boldly label or color code the boxes containing fragile items. Not only that, you can go a step further by specifically pointing these boxes out to your movers in order to ensure they remember and handle them with care. And if you are still unsure of your packing skills, you can simply ask your movers to take a look at your packed items in order to ensure they are firmly secured and ready for the journey.