23 May, 2019

Frequent Movers? Keep This Advice in Mind

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Frequent Movers Keep this advice in mind

Ah! Last time when you moved it was really messy due to not preparing the checklist and leaving everything related to preparation on your wife!! Yeah, it happens even if you are frequent home mover. Mistakes do happen.

Moving to a new state or the country either for your job or for any other reason is a kind of hectic job. And if it is a frequent mover then surely it can give you the chills, right? There are lot many things to do before moving to the new place, it’s no surprise that most home movers even if frequent movers, can get really worried about whether they would be able to manage the preparation on their own, and then actually relocate when the time comes.

As it takes a lot of good planning, making detailed checklist for moving to a new place, and so much that will help you stay on the right track. Well, here are few best tips for the frequent movers to keep this advice in mind while moving next time.

  • Make a detailed checklist

    The moment you get to know about your imminent residential move, start planning and making detailed moving to a new place checklist to keep yourself organized during all the stages of your cross country move. A home move is a challenge in itself, so it’s better you start planning well in advance to have a happy end and smooth move. It all depends on your involvement in the process and also your readiness to get things done the right way.

  • Have you visited the new location/state/country?

    Well, if possible, visit the new-state city or country in advance to get a taste of what to expect. Also, research the cost of living, such as housing costs, and school fee and all. Make sure that you secure a place to live by exploring your renting and purchasing options.

  • Have you set your moving budget?

    Setting your moving budget is very important. You have to see for good ways to cut your moving costs. Then comes researching cross-country movers to take care of your home moving activities till the end. Once you have done enough research on professional movers, contact at least 5-6 trustworthy moving companies and ask for in-house cost estimation. Take quotations from four to five companies before finally choosing the one. Also, don’t miss to discuss with your movers if they provide additional moving services. Compare all the offers carefully and then finally hire the one which you think is able to handle your move smoothly.

  • Have you created a detailed home inventory list?

    Yes, you need to create a detailed home inventory list to know exactly what you will take with you and what you will leave there. You can donate or re-sale some of the old stuff which you don’t need there in your new location.

  • Do you trust your professional mover?

    It is very important that you trust your mover completely so make sure that you have compared its services from all the aspects. Today professional movers have online presence too, still you need to meet them in person before you hire them.

  • Make sure you obtain the required documents and certificates (if any) from your family physician and vet, as well as your child’s or children’s school records before moving to different city.

  • Also, cancel your current subscriptions to utility (water, electricity, gas, Internet, etc.) providers and services prior to moving day.

  • Don’t miss to change your postal address just before moving day to keep receiving your mail without any problems.

  • Compilation of all your copies of the paperwork is also important and then keeping them safe in a special binder for references and possible moving tax deductions.

  • If you are moving by your car see if it needs prior service, if yes get it done. Or if you want it to transport then get it done by a reputable auto transporter.

  • Most importantly, speak with your children about the upcoming house move very well in advance, kids take time to adjust.

  • Take a look at what all to be moved on Moving day. Have some cash handy on Moving day it is needed, besides that you can tip your movers if you end up being happy with their work.