03 Dec, 2018

Helpful Tips to Avoid Fake Packers and Movers Companies

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Helpful Tips to Avoid Fake Packers and Movers Companies

When you decide to hire a moving company, the first thing that should be on your mind is how to ensure the company you end up hiring is not fake.

The following are the implications of hiring a fake moving company:

  1. Loss of goods and property

  2. Theft of goods and property

  3. Poor moving services

  4. Getting scammed

Everyone wants their goods and properties to be moved by the best hands, which is exactly the impression all moving companies (including the fake ones) try to create.

The tips below are for people who do not want to regret their decision of hiring a moving company:

1. Do your homework

It will be quite foolhardy to work with a company that you know next to nothing about. The next step to take after you have considered hiring a moving company is to thoroughly research the company. Go on their official websites and read about them, then check the reviews and commentaries that people have posted about them.

I always advise people that when you read the reviews and commentaries about any company, make sure you take note of the not-so-good ones that’s people have posted about them. I am sure you need to one to tell you to strike a moving company off your list once all you keep reading about them are negative commentaries.

Furthermore, a good way to do your homework is getting the opinion of friends, family or anyone who have worked with a packers and movers company in the past. Such information could be very vital to help you make the right decision.

2. Never pay full payment in advance

It is never a good idea to pay a moving company in full before they provide the services you need. It is advisable to pay few amounts in advance and then pay the final sum once the relocation is complete. When a moving company is bent on receiving full pay before moving your things, it could be a pointer that they are a fake moving company who is only after your money.

3. Check license and legal documents

Check the license and license number before you hire a moving company. If the license number of a moving company is not in the database, then such company could be fake. Also, make sure you carefully check the terms and conditions concerning packing and moving processes before you hire a moving company.

4. Get everything in written paper

You should never rely on face value. Do not hire any moving company that does not want everything properly documented.

5. Be wary of a company offering a very low quote

Hiring a moving company shouldn’t drain your pocket but that does not mean you should hire the one that is so cheap. Most moving companies with curiously low rates are cheats.