03 Jun, 2019

Here is How you should Label Your Moving Boxes

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Posted by: smart

Home moving is a task, and it becomes terribly painful if you miss to label your boxes properly. Just imagine anybody who packed all the boxes and mistakenly forgot to label them while packing, what will be the situation of that person upon seeing all identical boxes but without label… He will be gone completely! Of course how will he know which box contains what…. Diligent labeling of moving boxes is crucial.

It’s not just packing, sealing and labeling of boxes which needs to be done, however, there is one more step which is far more crucial in your home moving and that it UNPACKING. So, it is imperative that you label your boxes in such a way that it becomes easy for you to unpack all of them later.

Here is how you should label your moving boxes:

Use a permanent marker

Get a nice permanent marker and label your boxes with that. Permanent marker is needed because it stays for longer. For an instance if there is something which you don’t need immediately upon reaching to the new place you may keep those boxes for opening later, so it will be easy to open them later because you know what it contains.

Mark your boxes from all sides

Don’t just mark your boxes from only one side, mark them from all the sides and with bold letters. So that later it is easy to identify the boxes easily. Marking from all sides will make it easy for identification.

Mark all your boxes according to the rooms

Marking your boxes according to the rooms will help your unpacking procedure quite easy, comfortable, and organized. If you will mark your boxes room wise definitely you will open them according to the room and need only. For example your kitchen box you can open in the kitchen itself and put in the things in the shelves there and then, likewise bathroom accessories in one box and easy it is later. Similarly you can do for all the boxes.

Mark with different colors

If you think all the above mentioned procedures are boring for you than go stylish… buy some colored markers and develop some color coding for your boxes. Or you can buy colorful packing tapes to do the needful. Just another way to keep thing organized a little fancy…!

Use sticker instead of marker

Another option for labeling your boxes is to use stickers in place of plain mundane markers. Yes, you can use all your old stickers which were laying unused for so long now to label your boxes. An out of way method to label your moving boxes and a bit creative too. It also makes identification of boxes easy, as long as you know which sticker is used for which room. There is always a side effect of things!!

Go by numbers

Also, you can create a numbering system for each box. Besides marking them according to the rooms you can also mark the number on the box so that movers will drop your box exactly in the same room where the box belong to.

To conclude…..

You can use any way for labeling your boxes, labeling is important for smooth and organized unpacking later. Also, if you have hired a professional mover take all the information if they provide labels or inventory systems, so that your time is saved that you can utilize in doing something important related to your home moving.