18 May, 2018

How To Ensure Office Relocation With Minimum Downtime?

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Office being prepared for a commercial move in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Commercial movers St. Catharines.

Contingency planning, effective communication and thoroughly documenting your office installation plan are three things experienced moving companies will tell you to ensure a successful office move. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed when planning your business's relocation.

If you are planning to relocate your office then you must keep several things in mind. You need to ensure that your staff is well informed; you'll have to determine the exact office budget – all of this while making sure minimal downtime occurs. Learn how to maximize service continuity and cause minimum inconvenience when relocating your office to another place.

Plan Your Move to New Business place

Office relocation is a lot more complicated than household move and requires detailed planning. You'll want the entire relocation phase to be smooth – not only for you but also for your employees.

Plan it as early as possible. Office relocations are usually planned 6 months in advance. A well-planned office move will ensure minimal downtime for your business and keep both your employees and your customers happy. The main goal of any office move is not just about getting all of your people and property from one place to another. Equally important is doing so with minimum possible disruption to your business flow.

Determine Your Budget

Take an inventory of all the items to be moved. Coordinate with the moving company regarding relocation of furniture, electronics, and other valuable resources. Get a thorough cost estimation and compare it with your budget for the move.

Appoint Managers

Appoint a responsible manager in each department to look-over the entire relocation of office records, furniture, art and antiques, and other valuables belonging to his respective department.

Proper Set Up

Once the relocation is done, you'll have to ensure all the necessary office resources like CPU, monitors, printers, AC, etc are setup for your employees. Your staff is about to start their work at the new office and the last thing you'd want is for everything to go haywire.

Technology Relocation

Coordinate your telecommunications and IT infrastructure relocations early. Ensure all equipment are unloaded first so the team can get to work right away. Also, install and test the data cabling before moving on with IT equipment setup. Many business owners tend to overlook this crucial part of their relocation until the last moment. Shifting your business also provides an opportunity to evaluate your telecommunications and IT providers, and perhaps find a more competitively priced solution.


Communicating effectively with your employees is crucial to ensure a successful office move. Talk to your employees about the upcoming move. Keep them informed and discuss all the points in the early planning stage itself. Employees may feel anxious about the move and wonder what these changes will mean for them and their jobs. By keeping your staff informed on the specifics of your company relocation, you can alleviate their fear and maintain productivity. To ensure customer retention, notify them about the change in address, telephone number, and other pertinent information.