27 Apr, 2019

How To Move Plants To Your New Home?

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How To Move Plants To Your New Home

So, A story goes like this: “after years of hard work and dedication, you have finally been rewarded with a beautiful garden and a variety of exotic flowers and plants that makes your yard look like a paradise. However, you are relocating and want to know if it is possible to bring your plants along with you”.

Well, the simple answer to that is YES! and in this article, I will be giving you easy but essential step by step guides to ensure your plants remain healthy and intact all through the move.

1. Decide On the Plants You Want to Move and The Regulations of Your Destination State

In deciding on the plants you would like to move with, you need to be very realistic about the moving space available, the weight of the plant and its ability to thrive in the new environment and climate you would be putting it in. It is also important you get familiar with the regulations and laws guiding the movement of plants and plant nurseries across states. Some states do not allow such movements due to the high risk of introducing new harmful pests or plant diseases into the region.

2. Take Note of the Season

The season of the move is very important because it can have a major effect on whether the plant will come out intact and healthy after the journey. The summer seasons are the least favorable for moving plants due to the very high temperature, the hot and dry air and the very strong sun that can easily scorch, damage or kill vulnerable plants. It is best to move plants when the weather is a bit cooler.

3. Begin Preparing the Plant a Few Weeks Ahead

During this time, you want to begin pruning the plants, uprooting and transferring them into plastic pots, checking for and removing pest, insects, and weeds, watering the plants and getting your selected plants ready for the move.

4. Pack The Plants into Suitable Containers

In transporting the plants, there are two options available to you. You can either:

  • Pack it into a thick cardboard box, seal it, label it and hand it over to your moving company to transport it for you along with your other stuff.

  • Or You can place the plants in open boxes, put them in your own car out of the rays of direct sunlight and allow fresh air in.

The method you choose will be greatly determined by how long the journey would last. For a longer distance of travel, you would have to handle the movement and care of the plants on your own.

5. Unpack and Replant Immediately

It is important you have a well thought out plan on how you want to unpack and where you would like to replant in your new house. However, it is important you do not unpack and take the plant into direct sunlight immediately, instead, you would want to keep the plants in a darker lit room for some time and then gradually return them to brighter light in order to first give them the chance to adjust to the brightness.