26 Mar, 2019

How to Stay Organized When You Move?

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How To Stay Organized When You Move

One of the most annoying and frustrating things about moving to a new residence is the amount of work that goes into unpacking and searching for various items that just seems to have grown wings and flown away. You just don’t seem to remember exactly where you packed it. Things could get extremely worse if you have a big family, which means more boxes to unpack.

You might be forced to spend that extra money in order to replace the items you are looking for after several days or weeks of searching with no breakthrough. Well to help you prevent this headache, we have researched and developed a time tested system that will help you stay organized all through your move. With this system, you can remove the guess work and time waste associated with moving and ensure the right boxes get to the right rooms even from the very first day.

Organize all your paper works in a single file

When it comes to moving, you should expect to be handling and signing lots of paper works and documents, it is also important you keep very sensitive documents close by safe and secured in order to avoid it getting misplaced, lost or stolen in all the shuffle. These documents can include; moving contracts and receipt, medical records, financial statements, identifications and other sensitive paper works. You can keep them all in one file and secured in safe in order to ensure they are all within reach and easily accessible for use.

Create a checklist or a to-do list

The amount of work and planning that we need to put in place in order to ensure a successful move can be mind boggling. This means you are constantly planning and then modifying those plans, handling the cleaning and packing while trying not to leave out anything, hiring and firing various contractors we need for the move, setting up the new place, handling the logistics, signing documents, keeping track of various event, parenting, handling financial obligations and so on.

With these amount of task, it is easy for us to easily get lost in the chaos that follows and get overwhelmed. Creating a very comprehensive checklist for moving is important as this will help you know exactly what to do and when to do it. This way you can remove a lot of the “in the moment decision making” and reduce the amount of stress we pile up on our brain. You can easily find and adopt a moving checklist that suits you from lots of moving checklist samples online.

Have a packing strategy

Do you have a packing strategy or do you just randomly stuff things in boxes and wish for the best? Develop a packing strategy that allows you keep things organized by telling you what to pack where and how to pack it. Only packing things from the same room together in a box can easily help you know which boxes goes to which room without the need of first opening it to see the various contents within. This can also be very helpful in saving you time when you finally get to the task of unpacking at your new residence.

It is important you complete packing a room before you move on to another one. Rooms like the kitchen and bed rooms will be in use up until the day of the move, so it is important you schedule them to be packed last.

Color code/ label moving boxes

Now you know the benefits a packing strategy offers you in staying organized, how would you like to take your organization a notch higher? Labeling or color coding each box will help you accomplish that. Come up with a letter or a name for each room in your house and then label the boxes you pack things from that room into. This way you won’t get confused on which boxes goes where.

Have a checklist of moving day essentials

The fact is you are going to be worn out, tired and weak after the move and won’t be able to immediately start unpacking, so it is important you pack an essential box that would contain all the things you might need. Things like medications, blankets and sleeping things, toiletries, documents, clothes and credit cards and also all your baby’s necessities.