22 Mar, 2019

How to Stay Safe from Moving Company Scams?

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How To Stay Safe From Moving Company Scams

Picking up your things and deciding to relocate to a new area can be an adventurous and fun filled experience especially with all the adrenaline that keeps rushing through your body at the thought of you going into the unknown to start afresh. But with this excitements and hormonal rush comes the thinking, the planning, the cleaning, arranging, labeling, the worrying of something might go terribly wrong and the general stressful experience attributed to moving. During this time, we feel frazzled and a little bit unfocused with all the things running through our heads and while most moving companies would do their best to make the process as easy and straight forward for you as possible in a bid to help you relieve the stress, others might want to try to take advantage of you and scam you in the process. Well in order to help you prepare for this kinds of events, here are a few red flags to look out for when hiring a moving company.

Go for Professional Movers, It Saves You All the Anxiety

One of the first and most important ways to protect yourself from moving company scams is to ditch the idea of looking for cheap movers. Yes, you can search for different movers with the best competitive rates, however, you would want to be wary of smaller, unlicensed moving companies who try to grab your attention with bargain price estimates you know are far below the markets standard. This scam companies are likely not going to be professional, both in the handling and moving of your things, and will likely keep your possessions hostage and cook up a story to get more money from you before they release it. And even at that, you can’t be assured of what shape your things will be in or if everything will get delivered to you. So save yourself all the heart aches and stress this could put you into and go for a solid moving company with credibility instead.

Is the Moving Company Properly Licensed and Insured?

Now you know the importance of only hiring professional movers with street credibility, it is time you ask the next question; “are they properly licensed and insured?” You can easily find a large list of insured movers from different websites online. Going for a license and insured mover to handle your moving needs can greatly reduce the risk of you being scammed or taken advantage of. However, you would want to keep in mind only interstate movers are required to register with the Federal Government, other local movers are regulated only by the state, so you might want to take your time to read up the requirements imposed on movers for your state in order to find a legitimate local moving company.

  • Don’t Make Full Payment Upfront
  • It is a common practice for moving companies to request an initial deposit up front from their clients. This deposit amount varies from company to company depending on their policies and should be nothing to worry about. However, you would want be wary in the event your chosen moving company decides to ask for a large payment or full payment upfront.

  • Protect Yourself from ID Theft
  • Even though it might seem very easy to pack your sensitive documents and very valuable items like jewelry, birth certificates, property deeds, security number or documents pertaining to your financial accounts in a box and ship it off to your new residence with a mover, it is much more advisable to keep them all with you at all times and take them with you instead while you move. This way you can totally reduce or eliminate the risk of identity theft.

  • Get the Proper Paperwork’s
  • It is important you keep a copy of everything you sign as this documents are legally binding and can be used to pursue legal actions against a moving company in an event something goes wrong. You also want to take a closer look at the documents titled “bill of lading” and the “order of service”, this documents lists out all your possessions as well as the various pickup and delivery dates for each of them. You can easily cross check this documents to ensure all your items are listed and they all get delivered to your new residence.