26 Apr, 2019

Must Do Tasks On The First Day In Your New Home After Move

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Ok first of all, I want to congratulate you on finally passing through the huddles of planning, handling the logistical nightmare, packing the right way and preparing to move to a new house. If you are still yet to get that over with, then feel free to check out our numerous articles and guides on planning for a move.

However, in this article we are going to be taking things a step further and giving you a blueprint guide on the 5 most important things you need to do once you arrive at your new home. You need to get these things before you can finally call it a day or close your eyes to get some sleep and rest from all the stress. You can expect these guides to provide you with tips and quick short cuts to easily help you get organized and get things done and over with very fast once you get to your new home.

1. Cross Check Your Inventory List to Ensure All Your Items and Boxes Made It:

This is the first and foremost task you need to undertake the moment you arrive at your new home. You need to crosscheck and ensure that all your boxes made it to your new home with nothing missing. It is important you also check and inspect all boxes you labeled as having fragile contents (like glassware, antiques or breakables) to ensure they are not damaged.

Tip: Let your moving company do all the heavy lifting for you by simply labeling all the boxes and ensuring your movers carry them directly to their designated areas and rooms in your new house. This way you can save yourself the stress of sorting and moving the boxes later on. It is also important you have a floor plan so that all your larger household items and furniture’s can get placed exactly where you want them.

2. Check The House Security and The Utilities to Ensure All is Working Properly:

Ok, now you are done with confirming all your belongings made it to your new home, it is time to check and confirm the integrity of the new house. After all you don’t want you, your kids or your significant other sleeping in a house with broken locks, no running water or no electricity.

So your next task is to ensure all the house utilities are up running and working fine. The two major utilities to worry about are the light and running water. Don’t get me wrong, internet, phone and TV cable connections are also important, but you can always get to fixing that later.

You also want to confirm all doors, windows or any other openings are firmly locked and secured from intruders. It is important because you do not want your first experience in your new house to involve breaking in and stealing of your valuable items.

Tip: Always have a map of the area at hand before the move as well as the various available shops are and their closing time so you know where to go to easily get professional help in case you need to buy, get anything fixed or repaired at the last minute.

3. Unpack Your Essential Box

This box is very import and should contain everything you need to survive your first day at your new house. Things like the first aid kit, toiletries, everything needed for you to make a basic meal, sleeping things as well as the beds and every other thing you might need on your first day regardless of whether all your belongings already got delivered or not.

4. Ensure Your Kids and Pets are All Settled in and Comfortable

Traveling with kids or pets can be a little tricky because you are not really sure how they would take their first few days in a new surroundings. Therefore, ensuring they are comfortable once you get the first three tasks out of the way is important. It is also important you take note of any dangerous areas.

5. Preparing Dinner

Finally, the last task on the list before you call it a night. Dinner is so important because you don’t want to go to bed hungry after all the stress of the day. So you need to cook up something light, the excitement won’t let you eat much anyway. You can also decide to order something from a restaurant nearby. It all depends on what you want.