16 Feb, 2019

Points to Take Care of While Moving an Aquarium

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Points to take care of while moving an aquarium

Moving an aquarium can be quite stressful and if you don’t know the things to do while moving an aquarium, you could lose your aquarium. The points below will help you ensure your aquarium is safely moved and they will also help you make the move less stressful.

  • If you know someone that would be willing to house your aquarium for a while, you could move your aquarium to their house prior to the day of your relocation. You will come back to get it when the move is over and you have finished setting up your new apartment.

  • Don’t move an aquarium yourself. Get professional help or seek the help of friends.

  • Make sure you check to know if the water available in your new home would be safe for your fish.

  • Make sure you get fish bags, insulated carriers, plastic boxes, and polystyrene fish boxes ready prior to the day of your move.

  • Make sure you know the new spot for your aquarium in your new home.

  • Make sure you know the easiest way from the vehicle to the new spot.

  • Get a water conditioner and enough fish food.

  • Don’t feed your feed the day before the move. This will reduce the poo that they will pass into their containers.

  • Make sure the lids of their containers are watertight.

  • Makes sure you have airlines, air-stones, and air-pumps packed so that you can aerate the water in their containers as you set up their tank.

  • Take a photograph of your aquarium from all angles before you take it apart. This will help you to easily reassemble the parts when you want to set up the aquarium in your new home.

  • It is advisable to take the water in the aquarium with you in a plastic jerry can. It is better to use the old water to refill the tank.

  • Remove all the water in the tank before you move it. This will prevent watermarks and give you a better grip while handling it.

  • If you will be moving your aquarium up or down the stairs, makes sure the people at the bottom are up to the task.

  • Make sure your tank is well cushioned in your vehicle. You can wrap old blankets around it.

  • Makes sure the aquarium is placed on an even surface.

  • Make sure the glass is safe from scratches and knocks in your vehicle.

  • Tropical fishes must be kept warm during your journey.