23 Mar, 2019

Reasons Spring Is the Best Season to Plan Your Move?

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Posted by: smart

The amount of strategic planning and work that goes into making a move successful can be a daunting and stressful process. Between putting your home in the market, buying a new one and completing all the paper works involved to packing boxes and hiring professional movers, there is a lot of work and expenses that go into relocating. Ensuring you make the right decision in regards to all aspect of your moving plan makes it possible for you to successfully make the move without any hiccups along the way.

But with all these excitement, stress and the vibe of starting a new adventure or phase in our lives, we often forget one of the most important decisions to make is “when would you like to move?” The time of year you schedule a move plays a major role in the success, the ease and the expenses involved in moving. And in this article, we will be giving you the top 5 reasons why the spring season is the best time to plan your move.

1. An amazing weather condition

The weather condition during a move can greatly impact the stress level and success of a move. And compared to other weather extreme conditions like the intense heat attributed to the summer or the wintry cold breeze, most regions experience fair-weather days during the spring season making it one of the best times to schedule your move.

2. The cost of relocation

Even with the intense heat attributed to the summer season, it as still traditionally remained very popular among relocating homeowners because of the summer breaks. However, this large demand for the services of moving companies also leads to higher moving rates, fully booked moving companies and more expenses on your part. So instead of moving with the summer trend and stressing yourself about everything, go with the spring season and save both money and time while doing so.

3. Get the kids out of the way

Planning, packing, and cleaning for a move can be a very daunting task without even adding kids running around to the equation. Reduce your parenting tasks while packing and planning to relocate to a new home by scheduling your move in the spring while kids are fully preoccupied with school. This way you can greatly reduce the stress, get the kids out of the way and only focus on the task at hand.

4. It’s the best time for garage sales

One of the biggest parts about relocating is; it gives you the ability to start afresh. This also means going through and disposing of lots of junks and unused items you have accumulated over the years. And the best way to that while still making a profit from it is through garage sales. With the fair weather condition, you can expect a better turn out that if you did it during the hot summer months or the cold winter.

5. It allows you settle in completely before the summer breaks

It can be bone jarring to just pick up your things and move into a new place where you have no friends or family. However, relocating to a new home during the spring allows you easily get to know and settle in into your new neighborhood before the summer breaks begin. This way you, your spouse and your kids can easily make new friends, get to know people and have a series of events or invitations to honor when the summer breaks finally roll in without you heading over there feeling like awkward or like an outlaw.