06 Feb, 2019

Saving Boxes: The Key to a Happy Move

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Saving Boxes: The Key to a Happy Move

Boxes are the most important packing materials. In fact, it will be quite impossible to think about an office or home move without this vital packing material. Boxes make it easy for us to pack our belongings in such that they will be safe during transit and handling. In other words, packing for a move will seem impossible without boxes.

To make your move a happy and easy one, you need to get some things done prior to the day of your moving, such as procuring packing and moving materials; however, one thing that you need to do right from the time you made the decision to move is saving of boxes. The more boxes you have, the easier your packing will be, which will then go a long way in making the enjoyable house move you imagine a reality.

Below are some places where you can collect moving boxes:
  1. Liquor store

    Boxes from a liquor store are usually small and strong, making them great for packing small belongings like books and DVD. Ask for boxes with lids, so as to ensure your belongings do not fall out in the moving vehicle and while they are being moved in and out of the vehicle.

  2. Book-stores

    Boxes from a book-store are the ones ideal for moving books.

  3. Starbucks

    Starbucks always has boxes of different sizes. You can get large boxes from Starbucks to pack your large but light items.

  4. Craigslist

    Craigslist is a very good site for finding free moving boxes. You can search for free moving boxes or just use the ‘Wanted’ section to post that you are looking for free moving boxes.

  5. Schools

    If you talk to the janitor of a school or anyone that can give you access to boxes, you can take boxes off their hands. This will save them the stress of having to recycle the boxes and increase your collection o moving boxes.

  6. Electronic Stores

    Boxes from electronic stores are ideal for packing your electronic gadgets and installations.

  7. Your office

    Your office is also a good place to pick up boxes for your move. Office boxes are usually in different sizes and shapes; therefore, an office is a good place to get boxes for packing different types of items.

  8. Grocery Stores

    Boxes from grocery stores can be used to pack fragile items.

  9. U-Haul Customer Connect

    This is a service set up by U-haul to help you search for free moving boxes near you.

  10. Recycling Centers

    People do take their unwanted boxes to the recycling center. You can visit a recycling center and get as many boxes as you want.