29 Apr, 2019

Things You Should Do Before And During Moving Day

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Things You Should Do Before And During Moving Day

We know the weeks leading to you moving into a new house can be very stressful, energy and time consuming especially when it comes to keeping up with your long to-do list and getting everything done and ready for the big move day. So in this article we are going to be giving you some tips and helping you break things down a little bit more by separating all the tasks into two important sections that will really help you ease the transition into your new house. These sections include:

  • Things you should do before moving day and
  • Things you should do during moving day


The key thing here is to try as much as possible to remove a lot of key tasks from your to-do list in order to make your moving day and the subsequent days that follow easier, stress free and enjoyable for you. This tasks are also divided into two sections to further help you stay focused:

Things you should do before moving day at your old house

1. Start Packing and Getting Things Ready

You can check out some of our numerous articles and guides on how to pack and quick hacks for packing in order to make settling into your new house easier. During this time, you also want to start carrying out general cleaning of the house and de-cluttering.

2. Handle Your Bank Accounts and Vital Documents

Moving involves you handling a lot of documents. It is important you contact your bank branch to inform them of the move and get all necessary documents filled and ready for the move. You also want to ensure you have all legal and vital documents pertaining to your move and your new house safe and within reach at all times.

3. Disassemble Your Last Pieces of Furniture

This should include beds and any other wardrobe or cabinet you would be taking with you. This way you can save yourself the time and stress of doing that on the moving day and instead stay focused on monitoring getting your items moved correctly.

4. Pack Up Your Essential Box

These are all the things you would need for the first night or two after you arrive at your new house without the need of first unpacking all the other boxes. It should include the first aid kit and other essentials.

Things you should do before moving day at your new house

1. Change the Locks

Remember that your family’s security is very important and noting should be left to luck. After all you don’t want a stranger with the old keys breaking into your house and spooking your whole family as he tries to make away with your valuable belongings.

2. Carry out General Maintenance

You want to check for leaks, change the toilet seats and broken windows, check the smoke alarms and ensure the carbon monoxide detectors are working fine, ensure all your utilities are working fine especially electricity and running water (spending the first day in your new house in darkness is not a good experience).

3. Get things Cleaned Up

Vacuum the place, fumigate the surroundings and get things cleaned and wiped down in preparation for your move. You don’t want to start cleaning the new place with all your things already in it, that can make the task a little more difficult, time consuming and frustrating for everyone who wakes up with dust all over their hair or rats everywhere else.

4. Update Your Address

Changing your address before move day should be a straight forward process that can save you a lot of headaches and stress later on once you get to your new home.


Ok finally the moving day is here. You have done the planning, packing, logistics, found the perfect moving company and all, well here are your moving day check list that will help you stay focused and efficient all through the process.

1. Start the Day Early

Starting the day early on moving day is the best way to kick start your journey, this way you can have time to relax and get last minute tasks out of the way without rushing yourself. It will also help you get organized both mentally and other wise before your movers finally arrive.

2. Pack Last Minute Items

This are things you made use of the night before the move. Things like toiletries, dishes or your sleeping things. It is also important you dispose of perishables or things that will get spoilt or melt during the duration of the move. You can have a separate box for this so you don’t have to start tasking your self-looking for the right box with similar contents to back them.

3. Carry out a Final Sweep of the House

Carrying out a final sweep of your house should be done twice before you finally move out. The first time should be once you’ve completed packing the last minute items and the second time will be once everything has been loaded into the moving van. This way you can be rest assured you are not leaving anything behind.

4. Moderate the Movers

It is nice to plan to stay around the movers while they are loading your boxes in your old house and when they start off loading them in the new house. This way you can easily monitor and guide them in the placement of your boxes and furniture’s exactly where you want it. You can also keep an eye on boxes labeled “fragile contents” and ensure they are being handled with care.