18 Feb, 2019

Tips to Move Art, Antiques & Valuables Without Damaging

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Tips to Move Art, Antiques & Valuables Without Damaging

All the belongings that you intend to move are dear to you because you would not want to take them with you if they weren’t. However, some belongings are much more valuable than others and you will not only need to be very careful when handling them, you will also need to know how to move them.

Arts, china dinnerware and antiques are some belongings that are very valuable and if they are not well handled, the slightest accident could decrease their immense value or render them valueless. Also, antiques are extremely valuable because they are heirlooms that are passed down through generations, therefore they are irreplaceable and should always be handled with utmost care and caution.

Furthermore, most valuables are fragile items, therefore they will get damaged if you move them the same way you move your other belongings.

Below are tips on how to move art, antiques, and valuables without damaging them:

  • Get the appropriate packing materials

    Art, antiques, and valuables must be packed in such a way that they will be well protected during handling and transit. Some of the packing materials needed are special boxes, packing paper, microfiber cloth, air-filled plastic wrap, glassine, corner protectors for art and mirrors, furniture pads, and packing tape.

  • Take an inventory

    Taking an inventory of your valuable items and their current condition will help you keep an eye on them at every stage of the moving process. It will also help you know if they all arrived safely or not.

  • Figure out the size and type of box that your valuables will be packed in.

    Your valuable items must fit in perfectly in their boxes. If you choose a box that is too big for a valuable item, the item would wobble in transit and may get damaged.

  • Seal the box

    Create a soft cushion around each valuable item before you seal the box.

  • Label each box

    It is very important that you label each box, most especially the ones containing fragile and valuable items. You must label them on all sides and it must be legible enough to be seen room afar. The labels would tell the movers how valuable and fragile the contents are, which will make them be extra-careful while handling them.

  • Hire professional movers

    If you intend to move art, antiques, and valuables, hiring a professional mover should top the list in your relocation plan. Professional movers are professionals who have the experience and skills needed to move different types of belongings. Also, some professional movers specialize in handling arts, antiques and valuables; therefore, they should be the people you give the job of moving your valuable items, even if you would like to move rest of your belongings yourself.

If you move your valuable items yourself without any professional help, the chances of getting them damaged increases because you do not have the required skills and equipment needed to move such items.