25 Apr, 2019

Tips To Move Glassware: Glass Tables, Mirrors & Wine Glasses

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Tips To Move Glassware Glass Tables, Mirrors & Wine Glasses

Moving fragile items from one house to another requires lots of planning, dedication and the use of the right packing strategy in order to ensure your valuable treasures and fragile glassware all make it to your new home in one piece.

And in order to help you accomplish that, I will be giving you the top 3 moving tips for successfully packing and moving your glassware. Be it, a simple joyful bear mug or your elegant and costly wine glasses, your beautiful crystal bowls, glass vases or your fragile glass tables. Using these tips, you can be rest assured your cherished possessions will all make it to your new home without getting a single scratch on it.

1. Get the Required Packing Supplies

One of the most important steps to ensuring you successfully move your glassware to your new home is getting the appropriate packing supplies needed to give your items the much needed cushioning effect and protection for the move. These packing supplies includes:

  • Study boxes for packing glasses: You need to find boxes made out of thicker cardboard that can easily withstand pressure without caving in or crumpling. These kinds of boxes provide the best protection for your fragile items and ensures they don’t get damaged during the move. When packing wine glasses, it is also important you add cell dividers in the boxes in order to prevent your breakables from smashing into each other due to a slight jolt.

  • Bubble wraps and Soft papers for padding: Adding soft packing papers and bubble raps to the equation can really help cushion the effects of constant movement on the surface of your fragile items. This soft papers once rapped around your glassware, preventing all forms of scratches and will serve as a protective layer to all your glass items.

  • Packing tapes: Packing tapes are important for wrapping, sealing and reinforcing the moving boxes. Packing tapes are also used to hold all the bubble raps and soft papers together ensuring everything stays intact all through the move.

2. Pack Your Glassware Properly

Now we know about the various packing supplies needed, we now move on to answering the next question: “How do you pack this valuable, fragile glassware?”. Well keep on reading to find out exactly the right way.

  • Tips on how to pack your wine glasses: Packing wine glasses can be a little tricky especially due to the presence of the odd protruding shape or stem glass that can easily break away. While packing these kinds of glasses, your main goal is to ensure that the handle or stem does not break away. And the best way to accomplish this is by rapping the wine glasses individually and padding the packing boxes properly in order to prevent them shifting or colliding during transit. Because the slightest of collision can easily undo all your hard work.

  • Tips on how to pack your glass tables and mirrors: Glass tables and mirrors will usually come in different sizes and shapes making it a no fit for normal moving boxes. In order to deal with this issue, you need to get multiple boxes, cut them open and flatten them. These flattened boxes can then be wrapped around the table or mirror, protecting its surface from scratches. But before you begin wrapping the boxes around the glassware, it is important you remember to add moving blankets or soft papers for that extra security and cushioning effect it provides.

3. Label the Boxes Containing Your Glassware

It is important you clearly label all boxes containing your glassware in order to ensure they are handled with extra care. You can also consider using a large, brightly colored sticker that can easily make it very distinguishable from the rest of your boxes and quickly pass the message across to anyone handling the boxes that “it contains fragile contents and should be handled with care”.