26 Mar, 2019

Tips To Move Safely In The Summer Heat

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Tips To Move Safely In The Summer Heat

The summer weather is almost upon us and with it comes a warmer temperature and an unbearable heat, making it a tough time to move. After all, lifting heavy boxes under a scorching sun is not an experience anyone looks forward to having. But even with this heat, homeowners are not deterred from making the much anticipated move to their new homes as almost 70% of all moves takes place during this time, especially between the months of May and September. Understanding the importance of taking extra precautions in dealing with the hot, humid air that comes with the weather will help you stay healthy and safe all through the event.

1. Start early

The best way to get much of the packing done and forgotten is by starting your task for the day very early while the weather is still cool. This way you can easily get much done and beat the hot afternoon sun, protecting yourself from UV rays. These UV rays are at their strongest from 11am to 3pm, making it an improper time frame to be working outside.

2. Take things slow and Stay hydrated

The very hot weather conditions of the summer months can cause dehydration, heat strokes or dizziness to set in quite quickly. Ensuring you understand the symptoms of high body temperature and taking the necessary precautions to take things slow and bring enough water supply in order to stay hydrated and replace all the lost body fluids due to excessive sweating is important. You can also take a few minutes to take a quick shower whenever you start feeling too hot.

3. Apply sunscreen for sun burn protection

It is important you protect your skin from direct sun light by applying a good sunscreen protection before heading out. This sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before you head outside and should be a water resistant type. It should also be reapplied every 2 hours for continuous protection from the sun.

4. Dress appropriately

Ditch the heavy fabric clothes and go for a lightweight, loose fitting clothe instead. This type of clothing can easily absorb sweat and moisture from your body thereby allowing for a faster evaporation and keeping you dry and cool during the move. While choosing your clothes, you would also want to take note of the color and the kind of materials the clothing is made from.

  • For materials: choose materials that are not made with synthetic fabrics

  • For colors: choose light, neutral colors or white to stay cool, stay away from dark colors and black, dark colors tends to absorb heat from the sun thereby increasing your body temperature and making matters worse.

5. Protect your fragile items from the heat

One of the major problems you might face when it comes to moving your items under the intense heat of the summer weather is the potential of it getting damaged or destroyed. Putting this in mind, it is important you pack your fragile items susceptible to heat damages separately and ensure they are located at the top where it is likely to remain cooler. Also getting it into an air conditioned house as soon as possible is important. This way you can limit or totally eliminate any form of damages caused by heat on any of your appliances.