27 Oct, 2018

What Precautions Should You Plan in Advance to Move Your Office in Minimal Time?

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What Precautions Should You Plan in Advance to Move Your Office in Minimal Time

Office relocation is not an easy task; it is not something you start doing without a plan. It requires making a good plan that will include when you want it to happen, how you want it to happen, and the people that will make it happen.

It becomes even more difficult if you have been using the office from which you will like to move for a long time and thus have a lot of things that you have procured over time, which you will have to move.

Hiring a moving company is a step in the right direction. It is going to lift a huge burden of your neck; however, if you want your office relocation to take as little time as possible, there are some things need to take care before the day of the move. People have different reasons for wanting to move their office in minimal time.

It might be because you want to start working in the new office as soon as possible or because you have a deadline to meet or because you have given out the new address to your clients. Whatever could be your reason for wanting to move in minimal time, you have to do the following if you want your wish to become a reality.

  1. Packing

    If you want to move in minimal time, you have to do the packing before the moving company arrives. Pack the content of your shelves into boxes and pack loose office supplies like clips, pens, staplers, and stamps into plastic bags.

  2. Labeling

    It is very good to label everything you have packed. Make sure the labels are written legibly that it can be seen from afar. This will help anyone moving them to know the ones to move first and the ones to move last. It is a good way to let the movers know the ones that are fragile and delicate which will help them to know the best way to move them.

  3. Disassemble office furniture

    You can disassemble office furniture and label them individually prior to the day of the move. This will save a lot of time and the labeling will help make it very easy for you to assemble them at your new office.

  4. Hire a trained professional for the packing of IT equipment and electronic materials

    Office equipment like computers, printers, photocopier, telephone, and network equipment can malfunction if they are not well disconnected and packed. A trained professional will help you disconnect them, get them ready to be moved, and set them up for you in your new office.

  5. Get more hands

    If you want to move as quickly as possible, getting more people to join the people from the moving company will not be a bad idea. You can speak with your employees and try to get some of them to help in the move. This will hasten things up and the move will be over before you know it.