22 Oct, 2018

What Precautions Should You Take While Moving Electrical Material?

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What Precautions should you take while Moving Electrical Material

Electric materials are materials that can be found in every home or office or let’s just say they are found in virtually every building. They are vital for our day to day activities and we really cannot do without them as some of them make things that should take a lot of time and energy easy and less time-consuming. Electric materials come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from those that can take up the entire space in a room to those small enough to be held with our hand.

They perform different functions; however, there are some things they have in common apart from the fact that they need electricity to function:

  1. They make life easy and enjoyable
  2. They all have different types of connections in them
  3. They are made with fine, delicate parts, and this means they have to be handled with care.

The second and third points above makes it imperative to know the best ways to handle electric materials and the best way to move them. This knowledge of care and handling is invaluable, as it is the only way to prevent malfunction of the electric materials and electric hazard to the user.

More often than not, the manufacturer of electric material adds a manual in the package of a newly bought electric material, containing instructions on safe usage and handling; however, many people forget this instruction and some people do not even read the manual. I used to be one of these people.

It is very good to keep and read the manual, but some manuals don’t contain instructions on what you should do while moving electric materials. Have you ever wondered why an electric material started malfunctioning after you have moved it from one location to another? The following are the precautions you need to take prevent damage and hazard:

  • Get the help of trained professional movers
  • Some electric materials are very heavy or very fragile, so if you move them by yourself, they might become damaged in the process. Get as many people as possible to help you anytime you want to move an electric material.

  • Lift Properly
  • Make sure you lift electric appliances properly by squatting down and bending at your hips. If there is someone around to help you, count from one to three and lift at the same time. This will ensure the electric doesn’t fall and get damaged.

  • Pack Properly
  • It is very important to pack your electric materials properly. Arrange them very well, pack the wires properly and make sure all loose parts are tightened up. It is advisable to transport electric materials in properly sealed boxes.

  • Drop Gently
  • Some electric materials may look sturdy on the outside and feel heavy when lifted but may get damaged if you drop them from a height too high or when you carelessly unload them. So it is advisable to unload or drop all electrical materials as gently as possible.