03 Jan, 2019

Why Do You Need a Professional Piano Movers?

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Why Do You Need a Professional Piano Movers

The thought that comes to the mind of many people (especially those who want to move without the help of a professional mover) about their piano when they are preparing to move to a new home is: my piano should not be difficult to move to my new home; all I need is one or two friends and it will be easy to move. However, a piano is an important investment and moving it by yourself or with the help of your friends is a bad idea. A piano is very different from other properties you intend to move; it is different in size, weight, shape, and function. Pianos are very difficult to move, therefore you must be very careful while moving them.

Below are some of the reasons why pianos are difficult to move and why hiring a professional piano mover is the right thing to do:


1. Weight:

Pianos are large and this alone should tell you they are one of the heaviest musical instruments. You need more than two people to move a piano and if you have ever been present in a place where people are moving a piano, you will know moving a piano is not a child’s play. If you try to move your piano with the help of your friends, there is a high chance that someone will get injured or the piano will be dropped accidentally and get damaged.

2. Size, Parts and Shape:

Pianos come in different sizes and shapes, but some of the things common to them is that they are very large and they have many parts. The enormous size of pianos makes them difficult move in narrow spaces, up and down the stairs, and through the doorway. Also parts such as keys, lids, hammers, strings, and narrow legs can be easily damaged if you move your piano without the help of professional piano movers.

3. Transportation:

Unlike other home items, pianos cannot be transported anyhow. Pianos must be well strapped and well cushioned in a moving truck before the truck can move. If you are going on a very long drive, it is advisable that you get a special vehicle for your piano. When pianos frequently bump into items around them, their parts can get easily damaged.


Pianos look big and sturdy, but they are actually very fragile and you should always handle them with utmost care. Pianos mean a lot to people who possess them; for many, it is an heirloom that has been in the family for many, many years, therefore they would hate to see it get damaged. Finally, if you think hiring professional piano movers will cost you a lot of money and moving your piano yourself will help you save money, you need to have a rethink. The reason is that you may spend much more than you intend to save on repairing your piano if you get it damaged while moving it and during transit.