17 May, 2019

Why You Should Not Try Moving House Yourself?

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Why You Should Not Try Moving House Yourself

Are you planning to move from your current location? And thinking of trying moving house yourself….It’s going to be scary I tell you. You will not only end up tired and exhausted, but also repent your decision later for sure.

Why you ask….

Self-move is scary, believe you me!

How you ask…..

Here are the reasons why should you not try moving house yourself. And you will thank us for all these valid reasons of all times.

First and foremost mistake when moving on your own is to underestimate the difficulty level of your self-move. It’s not just that, in fact there are so many other influential factors and unknowns involved in a residential move, so many that you can easily be discouraged to attempt a self-move. There are hundreds of things you need to do and remember while you move. Hundreds of checklists to prepare, packing all the stuff, and what not. SO much involved in just one move you know.

To think self-move are cheaper. Many home movers think that organizing a self-move is cheaper than hiring a professional moving company to handle the hardest parts of their moves. It can be true if your move is local that too in a close proximity, you can take your friend’s help to do the things. But, if the move is long distance like to other town, city or country then hiring a professional is worth.

The time required to organize a self-move. Time is money, we all know this very well. In self-move time will turn antagonist, and the reason behind is insufficient moving experience and more often due to improper relocation organization, most home movers find it really strenuous to take care of all the tasks before they are forced to move out.

Renting a moving truck of the wrong size. Your inexperience of home moving will clearly be visible the moment you will arrange a truck of wrong size. More often than not self-movers think that size of the truck doesn’t matter, which is absolutely untrue. For example choosing a vehicle with smaller storage space and you will probably be forced to either make multiple trips to your new home and back, or rent two vehicles or a larger one – both the options will prove to be tiring physically and wrong financially

Trucks are not your cars. Few people assume that it is easy to load everything in the truck and drive it to the location which is an absolute bad idea, trust me. However, you need to be aware well in advance that choosing a rented truck of the right capacity won’t amount too much, in case if you fail to utilize well the loading capacity of the vehicle.

Also, another mistake when moving on your own is to deceive yourself that you can load the rented vehicle in the best possible, in fact the truth is no matter how smart you are in organizing things still while home moving it requires excellent planning, creative visualization and a touch of previous experience.

Assuming yourself to be expert in packing. Do you how much it takes to pack the entire stuff when moving home, no matter how small your house is or how limited your stuff is. Packing up an entire home for moving can be anything but child’s play. Believe you, it is an arduous process that tends to take up more time and energy than planned and expected. Even if your objective is to save up money, trust, you will end up spending far more than your expected it would be, when you decide to go without professional assistance. There are many lists to be made, arranging everything properly, and marking of all the boxes after packing and what not!

Hence, I hope you have got a fair idea about how self-move can be severely strenuous and time and energy consuming, its after effects will continue for weeks if not months.