How are Pianos Moved?

The primary reason for choosing  to hire a professional piano mover is that many household movers do not have adequate equipment or training to properly move a piano.

Teams: Pianos are moved with trained teams of 2-6 movers. depending on needs.

Piano Equipment: Movers equipped with appropriate piano equipment including – a piano dolly, piano skids, ramps, slings, moving pads, not to mention the knowledge for moving the piano safely.

Piano Techniques: Our movers are specially trained in a variety of piano moving techniques.

Risk Assessments: Good movers will provide damage risk assessments before moving a piano, giving you the option of proceeding or not.

Although professional movers cannot completely reduce the risks of damage, they will significantly reduce any risks.

Piano Moving Services

It takes 10,000 hours to master something, whether it be learning guitar, how to whistle, or move a piano. Thankfully, we have that experience. We know pianos are a refined skill to master, and we want to help you move your piano somewhere you can take the time to master it, and keep it as pristine as possible. Our trucks and men are equipped with the right tools to help move your piano where it needs to be. We’ve moved pianos from sizes of apartment to concert grands, and we’ve had nothing but success stories, and we want you to be apart of the stories too! Please refer to the chart below to determine the size of your piano, and contact us for a free quote.

Apartment Size Piano

This is the shortest vertical piano. The music rack is higher than the top. These pianos can be up to 38 inches tall. Apartment-sized pianos generally aren’t taller than your hip when standing.

Full Size Upright Piano

This is the largest vertical piano, sometimes called an Upright Grand. It can be 50 inches and taller. Upright pianos usually stand as tall as your shoulders.

Baby Grand Piano

Baby grand pianos are generally under 6 feet long.

Grand Piano

Grand pianos are between 6 feet and 9 feet long.